Take on the role of a ruthless sniper, and defeat all the bad ragdolls on dangerous missions. Shoot all targets downs to prove that you are the number one Ragdoll Sniper in the world! Much fun!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot

Ragdoll Sniper is a first person ragdoll shooter sniper assassin game where you take out zombie invaders with cool and wacky FULL ragdoll PHYSICS in an urban city environment.

NEW: Endless mode – How many zombies can you kill without missing a shot?

Armed with a sniper rifle your task is to clear the zombie city from the undead hordes. Take advantage of your environment and use it against your enemies. It can be hard to hit zombies running around with turbo speed or hiding behind a street sign so you might find exploding barrels and boxes useful to destroy any obstacles.

Take a good aim and CRUSH everything in your way!

Fire at a car to knock it out of its lane and to make it crash against your targets. You can even find ways to use a street lamp to bring torture and destruction to the scene. Prepare for super funny and action packed zombie hunting!

You have limited amount of bullets – can you solve the puzzles to KILL all the ragdolls?

Make the zombies fall from the top of the buildings, crash against the cars and cause massive traffic accidents. Use the explosives to fly the ragdolls across the whole city. Shoot a zombie standing on a bridge and see it rolling down the stairs! Your achievement will be rated depending on how many bullets you used to kill the living dead.

EXTREME ragdoll killing and dismounting

Easy to play:
1. Zoom in to get a good look at the enemy
2. Release to fire
3. Enjoy the bloodbath

Ragdoll Sniper is a ragdoll shooting game with ragdoll physics featuring:
– Zombie fighting in a realistic 3D city simulation
– Stickman style ragdoll dismount with challenging physics puzzles
– Interactive environment: destroy cars, street props… everything!
– Bullet camera with cool slow motion and bloody headshot effects
– High quality blood, gore and splatter effects
– Free roam as a dummy zombie in an open city – the world is your sandbox
– Rocket launcher and massive explosions!


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