Get the ultimate juggle training now! In this crazy football game with ragdoll physics you have to control a dummy to get the soccer ball over the field. Practise again and again to get a good feel for the ball to earn a high score in Soccer Ragdoll Juggling. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse


Feel like juggling a soccer ball? Playing that type of game on your phone sounds easy, right?
Well, not if you have to use a ragdoll, because even if it looks like a football superstar, the player you’re going to have to juggle with is not as skilled as you would think.

So yes, in Soccer Ragdoll Juggling you have to juggle a soccer ball with a ragdoll. Sounds fun, hah? How many times can you juggle a ball with a string puppet? Go on, move those (invisible) strings and try to juggle as many times as you can with this clumsy football player without letting the ball hit the ground.

Now that’s the fun part of that physics game.

Ok it’s hard, it’s not the conventional type of football game, but that’s why it’s so addictive.

You can kick the ball with your feet, head and shoulder. Just like the classic rules of juggling. Make sure you don’t kick the soccer ball with your hands though, it’s lame.

It’s all about mastering the physics of the soccer ball.

In Soccer Ragdoll Juggling, there are 3 different modes:


The ball is on the ground. Grab it, throw it up in the air and let it bounce as many times as you can. It can bounce off your feet, head or shoulder. If the ball hits the ground, you lose and have to try again. Don’t quit just yet. After some practice, you’ll get the hang of it and master your football ragdoll more easily. Then challenge your friends by inviting them to play this crazy and fun soccer game.


A more relaxed one. In the arcade mode you have to juggle a soccer ball with the ragdoll as many times as you can too, but the difference is that it’s OK if it hits the ground. There’s a 1 minute limit and you have to use that time to try to kick the ball as many times as you can.


Fun mode! How about juggling with balloons? In this mode you have to manipulate the ragdoll so it juggles with many balloons at the same time, and make sure they don’t hit the ground.

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